Autoplay Videos with Hidden Controls in Divi

Autoplay Videos with Hidden Controls in Divi

This tutorial covers how to hide the user controls on the standard embedded Youtube video and also sets up an autoplay function. Tutorial was done in WordPress using the Divi theme.

Autoplay Code used in the tutorial is located below:


On YouTube

To hide the user controls on your YouTube video on your WordPress or Divi site you’ll first need to go to the SHARE section of the video and under EMBED select SHOW MORE.

Uncheck the boxes in and copy the iframe code.

Divi Paste

In Divi I typically embed the YouTube iframe in a text module so I can have control over the alignment in the design column. Once you past your iframe your video should now show up with the user controls hidden.

Insert the this code after the question mark –


That’s It!

On a final note, while setting up an autoplay on your site may give you a few more views, it may also turn off a few prospective customers or interested parties. So just make sure your selective on how you use the autoplay function.

Customizing Bitmoji Snapcode

Customizing Bitmoji Snapcode

It look slike Snapchat is diving further into its Bitmoji integration – your Bitmoji, if you already have one, it will now appear within your downloadable Snapcode, and users can also adjust the look of their character bitmoji.

Even though the intial feedback has been negative so far, one thing that hasn’t changed is its ability to customize the color of their own snapcode. Between your unique bitmoij and colored snapcode these can set your snapcode apart.

You can follow along with the video or the instructions below.

Head over to your Snapchat account here and once you’ve signed in, you’ll have the option to select your own snapcode under “My Snapcode”, on the following page select “Download Snapcode”

Next, In the tutorial we’re going to take the downloaded Snapcode and open it into Photoshop.

After you have the Snapcode open we’re going tot take the magic the Magic Wand tool and select everything in black.

Then in the top menu we’re going to select

Select > Inverse (Shft+Ctrl+I)

This should now highlight and select all of the yellow area around the existing Bitmoji. Now with this new area selected we will duplicate the selected layer using Ctrl+J 

What I do next is crop in the area to remove any portion that is not the snapcode.

With the image now cropped we’re going to go to now select:

Image> Adjustments > Replace Color

With the replace color box open we’re going to select the area in the Bitmoji with yellow. Now you should be able to change the hue and saturation of what was once your yellow Bitmoji snapcode. You can save as a .png to keep the background transparent or you can drop a background to make your code pop. Additionally, In my video tutorial I’ve covered how to replace the yellow Bitmoji with a gradient.

Add Google Analytics to Divi

Add Google Analytics to Divi

Follow these steps to grab a Google Analytics (GA) tracking code and implement it successfully on your Divi website theme. For those that would rather follow along with a video you can catch the same instruction on my youtube channel.


On Google Analytics

To get a Google Analytics code you first need to go to the site here. Note If you already have a Google Account make sure you’re signed in or if you don’t have an account with Google create one first.

Once you’re signed in to Google go to the Google Analytics Admin account you can sign up for a new account. Clicking on the drop down menu should reveal the new account link. Fill in your Account Name, Website Name, Website URL, and select an Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone.

New Account

Under the Data Sharing Options, check the boxes next to the options that you want, then click Get Tracking ID.

Gimme My Code

Under Now that you have a new account set up you should be able to go under the property information, make sure that your account is highlighted and select Tracking Code.

Copy your tracking code, Ctrl+C

Now to Divi

With your recently copied tracking code head over to your Divi site going to Divi>Theme Options > Integrations. There you’ll find the section that mentions Google Analytics, here is where you can paste your code! Ctrl + P

Free Market Research Tools

Free Market Research Tools

It’s always going to take some level of risk to find out if a product will be successful. With smart (and free!) research tools you can elminate some of the guesstimating  when trying to launch a product or service into new markets without having to invest major bucks. With these free market research and forecasting tools, you can determine if the opportunity exists, how to position the product or service, or what demographics make up the key consumers in the area.

1) American Fact Finder

Price: Free

American Fact Finder is a great start for searching U.S. census data. With the ability to filter through demographic features this is a great start to get a free.  A tip would be to import some of the key data points into excel or Google Data Studio to help visualize or see trends over the years.

2) Census Quick Facts

Price: Free

Census Quick Facts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more.

3) Claritas MyBestSegments

Price: Free

Claritas SegmentationSolutions provides researchers with tools to understand an area’s lifestyle traits, habits, and characteristics.

You can start with their zipcode look up tool to get a sense of household income, composition, age and ethnicity

4) Esri Data

Price: Free

Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation tool is another great example of a unique way of breaking down an area’s demographic. Their Tapestry Data break information into Lifestyle Segmentation which is classifies the US population into 67 market segments while providing a comprehensive lifestyle snapshot. 

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