This tutorial covers how to hide the user controls on the standard embedded Youtube video and also sets up an autoplay function. Tutorial was done in WordPress using the Divi theme.

Autoplay Code used in the tutorial is located below:


On YouTube

To hide the user controls on your YouTube video on your WordPress or Divi site you’ll first need to go to the SHARE section of the video and under EMBED select SHOW MORE.

Uncheck the boxes in and copy the iframe code.

Divi Paste

In Divi I typically embed the YouTube iframe in a text module so I can have control over the alignment in the design column. Once you past your iframe your video should now show up with the user controls hidden.

Insert the this code after the question mark –


That’s It!

On a final note, while setting up an autoplay on your site may give you a few more views, it may also turn off a few prospective customers or interested parties. So just make sure your selective on how you use the autoplay function.

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