Facebook Carpet Bomb Strategy

Facebook Carpet Bomb Strategy

In this short video we’ll go over a new ad type generating more and more popurity online, the Facebook Carpet Bomb Strategy. The Carpet Bomb Strategy is probably known to others by different names but essentially it all comes down to reaching as many as possible to retarget as accurate as possible. Along with the video overview of the strategy I’ve included a downloadable cheat sheet for the strategy and execution outline.

If your curious if this strategy works, let me first preface a few things. There are always layers to setting a Facebook ad but overall this strategy does do extremely well for eCommerce sties with prices that range from $15-$50 dollars or pages that have high interest lead magnets. I am currently testing the carpetbomb ad on an online retailer with slightly higher prices to see how the overall conversions come though over the next few months and will post the results on a separate blog when i finish my write up. The product page i’ll be test this on will be www.UkulelePal.com, an online retailer for ukuleles.

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Customizing Bitmoji Snapcode

Customizing Bitmoji Snapcode

It look slike Snapchat is diving further into its Bitmoji integration – your Bitmoji, if you already have one, it will now appear within your downloadable Snapcode, and users can also adjust the look of their character bitmoji.

Even though the intial feedback has been negative so far, one thing that hasn’t changed is its ability to customize the color of their own snapcode. Between your unique bitmoij and colored snapcode these can set your snapcode apart.

You can follow along with the video or the instructions below.

Head over to your Snapchat account here and once you’ve signed in, you’ll have the option to select your own snapcode under “My Snapcode”, on the following page select “Download Snapcode”

Next, In the tutorial we’re going to take the downloaded Snapcode and open it into Photoshop.

After you have the Snapcode open we’re going tot take the magic the Magic Wand tool and select everything in black.

Then in the top menu we’re going to select

Select > Inverse (Shft+Ctrl+I)

This should now highlight and select all of the yellow area around the existing Bitmoji. Now with this new area selected we will duplicate the selected layer using Ctrl+J 

What I do next is crop in the area to remove any portion that is not the snapcode.

With the image now cropped we’re going to go to now select:

Image> Adjustments > Replace Color

With the replace color box open we’re going to select the area in the Bitmoji with yellow. Now you should be able to change the hue and saturation of what was once your yellow Bitmoji snapcode. You can save as a .png to keep the background transparent or you can drop a background to make your code pop. Additionally, In my video tutorial I’ve covered how to replace the yellow Bitmoji with a gradient.

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