In this short video we’ll go over a new ad type generating more and more popurity online, the Facebook Carpet Bomb Strategy. The Carpet Bomb Strategy is probably known to others by different names but essentially it all comes down to reaching as many as possible to retarget as accurate as possible. Along with the video overview of the strategy I’ve included a downloadable cheat sheet for the strategy and execution outline.

If your curious if this strategy works, let me first preface a few things. There are always layers to setting a Facebook ad but overall this strategy does do extremely well for eCommerce sties with prices that range from $15-$50 dollars or pages that have high interest lead magnets. I am currently testing the carpetbomb ad on an online retailer with slightly higher prices to see how the overall conversions come though over the next few months and will post the results on a separate blog when i finish my write up. The product page i’ll be test this on will be, an online retailer for ukuleles.

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