If you’ve followed along with some of the previous blog tutorials on adding your Google Tag Manager to your site, this will be a great next step for your site. Below we’ll be covering how to add your Facebook Pixel to your WordPress + Divi site. There are multiple methods for getting it added and each one ends up serving the same purpose so their isn’t a wrong way, just a preferred way : ) – Thanks for watching and following, feel free to share!


Facebook Ads Manager

To get your pixel you’ll first need to go to your Facebook Ads Manager screen and select Pixels from one of the drop down selections. The next screen should look similar to below and you’ll need to click on Set Up Pixel.

Choose  Your Destiny

Like I mentioned before, there are several ways to add this to your site, on this tutorial we’ll be going with the option above, Use an Integration/Tag Manager

Select Google Tag Manager

Unless you’re setting up for a different service, you can set up using Google Tag Manager.

Select Quick Install

Connect to GTM and Publish

The next screen may prompt your for permission for FB to access to GTM account. Once connected your GTM account should populate your information on the quick install so you can click through the correct options for your site. On the site we’ll be adding one of the most common tag type which is PageView, on All Page. The step four on the quick install screen should be publish! Once the facebook pixel is published it typically takes about 15-30 minutes before you see pixel fires from web traffic on your site.

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