Utilizing a set geographic area with targeted demographics this canvas ad objective was to create qualified traffic to the a new apartment development website. Here prospects on desktop views were targeted with an opt-in pop up after 18 seconds on the site while a rotating proof scripts showed how many other people were opting in as well for nudge marketing.

icon-04Website was integrated with Google Tag Manager and set to fire both a Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel during each page visits. Overall, the campaign reached 9200 people had held a relevance score of 9 throughout the duration of the ad.


Email Optins


Website Traffic


Due to ad display restrictions by Facebook this Ad was only targetable to viewers mobile device.  While generally the Canvas Ad types have a higher engagement and CTR they limited on where they get displayed.

Short Video

Content for the video was packed into a 32 second clip  that maintained a high video engagement rate.

100% Mobile Only

Ad settings were restricted to reach only mobile display and conversions sent viewers to a responsive website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Call to action at the end of the Canvas Ad leads to a property website where users can view details and optin for updates.

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