Utilizing social media retargeting and Geotargeted ads to generate traffic and interest to a new student dorm. College dorm was associated with a historically known commuter school so ads were matched to  targeted age range of students and parents matching 15 key facebook interest groups.

icon-04The cavas ad combined with nudge marketing set up on the dorm website was used to increase and capture web traffic to help get the dorms rooms reserved for fall.

Campaigns  were customized to target selected demographic areas along with likely behavirous using Facebooks ad tool. Advertisements were timed and set up to coencided with upcoming school events, tours, or open houses.


Canvas Views


Website Traffic


Ad format was set up as a Facebook Canvas, which is developed to specificly target viewers on mobile devices only. Creatively developed ads typically boasts high engagement rates in testing partially because of the ease of getting in and out of ads.

Short Video

Lifestyle video was kept under 30 seconds to keep viewer engagement rate high.

100% Mobile Only

Ad was targeted to viewers mobile devices and then converted ad traffic was sent to a responsive mobile site.

Website Optimisation

Website featured timed nudge marketing promotions to increase conversions from all campaign trafffic.

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